How to Choosing Cosmetic and Skin Care Contract Manufacturer

August 11, 2021


How to Choosing Cosmetic and Skin Care Contract Manufacturer

Aug 11, 2021 | Advice, All Categories

The cosmetic industry is changing speedily. Established cosmetic brands are battling to connect with their customers in this digital age while passionate brands, marketing with non-traditional circulation networks utilizing modern-day advertising and involvement strategies, are obtaining market share and customer commitment.

This new landscape is scary the big companies. Still, for everyone else interested in developing and marketing cosmetic products, there has never been a much more exciting time filled with possibilities as well as the chance for brands selling items such as hair care shampoo, conditioner, skincare, mouthwash, hand cream for body care, hand care, foot care, etc.

If the industry is evolving, so must the supply chain, but are the private label or contract manufacturers adjusting quickly enough and things you should consider when choosing a contract manufacturer?




Do you desire your contract manufacturer to understand your business and what you need of them?

This is the most significant concern in dealings with brand owners. Usually, contract manufactures are companies owned or run by chemists, engineers who have actually never done what you do or plan to do. While they could be good at combining ingredients and placing them in bottles, they cannot add any kind of more to the success of your business or realize how the problems sometimes brought on by manufacturers can affect you and your business.

At Clean-n-Fresh, we are different. We understand your requirements entirely. We have over 13 years of experience in the daily chemical products industry and successfully helped hundreds of customers build their brands.

We do everything to help your business grow. Our team focuses on creating values for customers. Offer competitive products and support formulation development, package design, marketing strategy, supply chain management, quality control, regulation compliance, etc.


Facilities & Equipment


Do you want your contract manufacturer to operate from an old building?

At Clean-n-Fresh, we run from a freshly constructed 430000 square foot center with advanced centers consisting of a testing research laboratory, development research laboratory, Semi-finished content testing, and a separate mixing room and reaction room with new custom purpose-built filling lines. We are accredited by ISO 22716, FDA-registered, and BSCI also certified.




Do you want your contract manufacturer to employ excellence throughout the business?

At Clean-n-Fresh, we employ highly educated as well as experienced people throughout the business. Our sales service team travels worldwide to find the best-selling products in each market every year. We will give you new products concept every few months based on each different market. Our design team to design products based on your needs includes modeling, structure, and packing design. Our Lab team can support you in creating new scents and new formulations. Our quality control team is fully trained yearly to update their expertise to new regulations.


Make a Visit


When choosing a skin care contract manufacturer, one of the most critical actions is visiting them to check their facilities and satisfy the team.

At Clean-n-Fresh, our doors are always open; come and also get to know us. We are enthusiastic, and I hope we will be your partner working together to help you succeed. “Discover Perfection, Honor Quality” is our goal.

Because of the COVID-19, You can meet our team through the video conference, talking about your ideal and the service we can provide.

We eagerly anticipate meeting you.

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We are making sure that you are happy with every contact. If it isn’t right, we’ll make it right.

“Discover Perfection,Honor Quality”.

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