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Private Label Services

Clean n Fresh is a trademark of OceanStar Inc. we are manufacturer that is committed to consistently producing high-quality products. We have over a hundred base formulations and hundreds of extended formulations that you can review to find the one that suits you best.

The products featured are the perfect blend of natural extracts and chemical ingredients that have undergone comprehensive testing to ensure optimal results.

Our products are manufactured in first-class facilities and with the necessary certification to guarantee quality for most products for up to 2 years.


To ensure that our private label skin care products meet your satisfaction, our devoted and innovative research and development team will work with you to ensure that the product you choose is tailored to the concept you want.

Supporting & Consulting

With the assistance of our skilled supporting staff, you will also receive invaluable information as it relates to various products and their performance on the market to help guide you in the process.

Container & Design Service 

private label skin care product

Predesigned Container & Bottle

We have a vast selection of predesigned containers from extravagant to simple and the option remains to have one customized.

And we offer molding service to get your unique bottle, once the container has been designed it can be applied to the production within 15 days.

Free Design Service

The design and style of a product and its packaging can greatly impact its marketing. We understand this and therefore offer each client of a private label skin care product free design service to help successfully launch their product.

Our team of young, talented and creative minds will work with you to create a design that embodies your brand and suits you. With you in mind, they will cover the packing design, modeling, structure construction, 3D design and 3D rendering.

Think like a brand developer

At Clean n Fresh, the client’s brand story is kept at the heart of the process when customizing private label skin care products. From the beginning of the process, we take into consideration the idea behind the product. As a result, each ingredient and its characteristics is analyzed to see how it relates to the product’s functionality and target audience. The research and development, sales and marketing team will all scrutinize the product to ensure that it best meets your marketing and branding strategy.

We will work with you, providing you with the advice you may need as it relates to the product and the skin care industry. Our aim is to ensure that the customized product satisfies your brand story and strategy.

Contract Manufacturing

30 million pieces / month

Clean n Fresh is well equipped with state of the art equipment to manufacture your custom formulation in high numbers. The factory is 430,000 square foot big and has the ability to produce 30 million high-quality pieces per month.


The workshops are BSCI certified and all GMP standards are stringently followed during the formulation, production and post-production process.  To ensure high-quality products at all times, strict quality control procedures are also in place.  Products then undergo extensive testing to ensure safety and functionality.


For added flexibility and differentiation in the industry, you can partner with Clean n Fresh and design your formula for your private label skin care product. This product will be truly unique to you and can be accomplished via contract manufacturing. You can choose to begin with one of the base formulations available and bring your unique twist to the end product. You also have the option of coming up with an entirely need formulation. Whichever you choose, the research and development team with our in house premium lab will be more than willing to work with you to produce a functional and unique product.


If you are looking for quality products to have your business name or brand associated with to help your business grow, Clean n Fresh is the skin care manufacturer you need. You will be satisfied with our service and products and your customers will be pleased and satisfied as well.


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